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IVD DIvision

IVD Division is the independent research and development, production, and sales department of IVD products under Galbino (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. At present, the main business of the IVD department covers in vitro diagnostic reagents, raw material evaluation, and other fields. It has a micro-column gel immunoassay technology platform, molecular diagnostic technology platform, monoclonal antibody, and polyclonal antibody technology platform, raw material evaluation platform (enzyme immunoassay/luminescence, immunoturbidimetric and colloidal gold/fluorescence chromatography) and other platforms. Products cover recombinant antigen detection, monoclonal antibody, multi-antibody detection, POCT reagent detection, immunochromatographic detection, chemiluminescence detection, and other series. We are committed to raw material development, diagnostic product research and development, production and sales, and integrated services in the biodiagnostic industry, providing professional technical solutions for global customers.

Why choose Galbino

-Professional R&D team: It has an R&D team composed of 23 professional and technical personnel, and a perfect R&D and testing platform.

-Automated production: 2000m² of 100,000-level automated production workshop to ensure stable product quality.

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