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Injection molding & Blowing system

Function: Injection molding & Blowing system



The machine is mainly used for making the empty bottle from the PP granule. Including the Injection Molding Machine and Bottle Blowing Machine.
Production capacity (@250ml): 6,000; 8,000; 10,000; 12,000 bottles/Hour;

Equipment Features:

Bottle embryo in and out system: The bottle embryo conveying, discharging and feeding device can automatically detect the number of bottle embryos, realize the automatic switching of the action on and off, and reduce the energy consumption.

Heating system: The infrared lamp tube is used for heating embryos, so that uniform stretch, high transparency, short heating time, low energy consumption, high output capacity can be realized. The temperature of each lamp tube in each layer can be independently adjusted. According to the difference of the embryos, each lamp tube can make front-back and left-right adjustment (marked with a graduated scale).

The high-precision temperature control system can accurately control the heating temperature of each point of the embryos and feedback accurate temperature signal, thus able to improve the forming rate of the bottle and reduce the material and energy consumption.

Blowing system: The system is simple and reliable. The embryos are heated uniformly. The bottleneck is not hot. The service life of lamp tube is long. A cooling water channel is arranged below the heating chamber, and the cooling water channel is used for blocking the heat of the lamp tube when the embryos are heated so as to protect bottleneck from deformation. Chilled water can rapidly decrease mold temperature.

Manipulator driven by servo has simple structure and reliable performance and can accurately convey embryos rapidly.

The embryo feeding manipulators and bottle taking manipulators are arranged separately, so that the machine moves more flexibly, runs more stably, and shortens the bottle blowing operation period.

Servo stretching system is used to control the stretching speed and stroke accurately and make the bottle wall shape uniform. Stretching position can be preset so that that bottom is symmetrical. When the bottle type is changed, the stretching adjustment can be completed on the touch screen, and the operation is simple and convenient. Pre-blowing and blowing cycle time can be adjusted.

More than one emergency stop buttons are provided in order to ensure timely shutdown in case of failure. There is machine running position monitoring function and when operation is not in place or failure occurs, alarm is generated and machine shut down automatically and waits for inspection. PLC is used to monitor running status at any time. It can diagnosis machine failure point and give the cause of the failure.

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