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Bottle Infusion Wash-Fill-Seal machine

Function: Bottle Infusion Wash-Fill-Seal machine



The machine is mainly used for the washing, filling and sealing of PP bottle infusion. It is suitable for hot sealing of combined cap,
it includes ion wind washing unit, WFI washing unit, time-pressure filling unit, sealing unit/ capping unit.
Production capacity (@250ml): 8,000; 10,000; 12,000 bottles/hour.

Equipment Features:

Compact structure and minimum operators. Except the operators monitoring bottle feeding, only one operator is required.
Online iron generation monitor is provided. If static electricity quantity of washed bottle exceeds the set-point, there is no filling and capping and alarm will generate.
Machine shuts down when one door is opened.
Functions are provided, such as automatic cap unscrambling, cap feeding and no bottle no capping.
The heating plate of the sealing device is provided with an anti-collision device.
GMP compliant CIP&SIP function are provided.
Bottle feeding chain connected to bottle blowing machine can be selected.
Adjustable exhaust device for control deformation of bottles after sterilization.

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