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Function: Laboratory Bioreactor、Pilot type Bioreactor、Production Bioreactor (Customized products).

Laboratory Bioreactor: The  bioreactor systems can meet the everchanging needs of all stages of biotechnology anc pharmaceutical science and are suitable for applications ranging from microbial fermentation to cell culture. The scale extends from the longitudinal direction to lateral expansion. It is a culture system of microorganism, human source cell, animal and plant cell and so on under controlled conditions.A set of control system can realize the simultaneous control of .2.4.8 culture units according to the actual control requirements, and the culture volume range is 50mL-20L.

Pilot type Bioreactor: Standardized equipment, working volume range: 8L-1000L; customized equipment, can customize the remaining working volume to meet your different process volume requirements.

Production Bioreactor (Customized products): It adopts vertical three-layer stainless steel tank with advanced functions such as online CIP/SIP, and can be customized and upgraded according to your process to meet your specific culture process requirements. At the same time, it has advanced industrial design and powerful control system, which is a mature production equipment combining appearance and function.

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