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Multifunction Electric ICU Bed (Seven Function)

Model: G-D4-2-MB8

Size (mm): 2240*1965*930

Function: Multifunction Electric ICU Bed (Seven Function)

A Medical Bed or hospital bed is a bed specially designed for hospitalized patients or others in need of some form of health care.

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1. Medical Bed Split Side Ralls: The 4pcs PP side rails provide the patient with protection against falls and the 2pcs additional side rails near foot board offer more safety service and also provide the support during patient's stand.

2. Integrated Scales system: The in-bed scales control panel located under the foot end is protected against impacts.

3. Removable Mattress Platform: The Mattress platform is plastic boards which can be easy removable and easy for sterilization. The mattress platform can do X-ray for back board and offer the patient' s more comfortable.

4. Central Nurse Control System: The nurse or supervisor can adjust all the positions and find the comfortable and proper positions for the patients.

5. Columns Motor System: Electric lifting units in two columns enable the mattress platform height adjustment and TR&ATR positions, which can also ensure the bed's stability.

6. Controls in the side rails: Controls in the side rails increase the patient's independence so that the patients can operate it according to the self-requirement.

7. Medical Bed extension: The integrated bed extension adjusts the mattress platform length to the individual patient's height.

8. Linen Shelf: The linen shelf at the bottom of foot end also stores the supervisor panel.

9. H/F Boards Locks: The bed board locks prevent accidental removal of the bed boards when steering or handling the bed.

10. X-ray Cassette Holder: The holder's special sliding construction allows the cassette to be comfortably inserted beneath the mattress platform from the side of the bed.

11. Manual/Electric CPR: The electric CPR is easy and convenience to operate that is one key control. And the manual CPR is equipped with damping device, which can let the back rest fall down slowly to ensure the safety of the patient when the power is off, the whole process can be single hand operation.

12. Medical Bed standing armrest:(optional)

13. Medical Bed night light:(optional)

Medical Bed Technical Data



Outer dimensions (Sails up)

L2240*W1060mm (+/-10mm

Mattress platform

L1965*W920mm (+/-10mm

Bed height

H530-930mm (+/-10mm

Bed extension


Maximum backrest


Maximum thigh rest




Left and right tilt


Height of side rails (above mattress platform)

440mm (+/-10mm

Safe working load


Medical Bed Electric Parameters

Power supply


Maximum input

1.6A, 450VA

Protection against
water and dust


Eequipment security classification

Class II

Level of protection against injury
from electrical current

Applied part type BF

Electric motor operation mode (load factor)

10%, max. 2min/18min

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