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Medical Hanging Tower

Model: G-D3-4-MP7

Function: Single/Dual-arm Electric Surgical Pendant


Galbino Medical Hanging Tower suspension unit is specially designed for ICU rooms, observing rooms and recovering room.

Medical Hanging Tower features:

- All kinds of medical gases, electrical & instrument, network is all gathered on the control board.

- Light is equipped in the middle of the bridge. As your desire, it can be equipped with communication machine, monitor, video phone, background music, teaching and distance consultation system.

- The cross beam and control cabinet of Medical Hanging Tower crane adopts imported high-strength aluminum alloy of patent technology for the one-off extrusion molding,

and the surface undergoes the primary oxidation treatment.

- Aluminum molding tray with non-slip texture.

- Mechanical friction damping brake.

- Gas pipeline, power supply and computer communication line are arranged without interference.

- The Medical Hanging Tower adopts German standard gas terminal (over 20,000 of inserting and pulling out).

- Dry and wet areas are adopted the independent design. It is equipped with gas cabinet body.

- Transverse translation in dry and wet areas to meet various care requirements.

- Light is equipped in the middle of the bridge.

Medical Hanging Tower basic configuration:

- Ten power outlets;

- One telephone outlet;

- Two internet outlets;

- One compressed air;

- Two oxygen, one suction gas (optional gases)

- Air brake function optional.

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