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LED Surgical Light

Model: G-D1-4-SL8

Function: Shadowless operating lamp

LED Surgical Light is suitable for various operation needs. It is a modern ideal surgical lighting equipment operating room and purify the operating room.

LED Surgical Light features:

- Adopt imported LED cold light source.

- Nano coating of heat sink has created an excellent heat dissipation effect.

- LED Surgical Light equipped Intelligent touch screen, with adjustable color temperature.

- Titanium alloy balance arm, no welding, never rust.

- Imported spring arm, lift up and down, light and flexible.

- Minimally invasive lighting and R9 function.

LED Surgical Light Technical Data

LED Surgical Light Model


Illumination at 1m (lux): 160,000

Illumination at 1m on Endo mode (lux): 15,000

D50 (mm): 110±35

Light filed diameter D10 (mm): 180±40

Depth of L1+L2 illumination (cm): 150

Color rendering index (Ra): 100≥Ra≥85

Red color rending index R9: ≥97

Optional color temperature (K): 6700 ≥ Tc ≥ 3,000K

Number of LEDs: 84

Average bulb life (hours): 50,000

Heat-to-light ratio (mW/m2lx): <6

Power supply: 110-240 V

Input power (VA): 150W

Ceiling height for installation(cm): 270-320

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