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Portable Patient lift

Model: G-D8-5-PL6

Seat Size (mm): 1200*660

Function: Portable Patient Lift


Galbino Portable Patient Lift advantages and features:

1. The Portable Patient Lift is intended for a user with some weight bearing capacity.

2. The Portable Patient Lift is excellent to use for transfer to and from a toilet. Its low height makes it easy for users to place their feet onto the footplate and the central of gravity is optimize to provide stability.

3. A large lifting span allows it to be used by both children and adults.

4. Easy to operate.

5. A compact portable patient lift with a small footprint which facilitates turning in narrow spaces.

6. The big wheels roll easily when moving which provide excellent operating ability for the caregiver. Altogether it contributes to smooth and more comfortable transfers for the user.

Portable Patient Lift (G-D8- 5 -PL6) Technical Data

Length: 1200 mm

Width: 660 mm

Max Fork Distance: 880 mm

Lifting Distance: 880 mm

Ground Clearance: 60mm


24V 8000n

Battery Capacity:

60-80 Times

Net Weight:

60 kg

Max Loading Weight: 180kg

Packing Size: 1338*730*460mm

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