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Flexible Endoscopic Pendant

Model: G-D3-1-MP13

Function: Flexible Endoscopic Pendant


GTI Flexible Endoscopic Pendant provides a safe, efficient and clean environment for the endoscope center. The endoscopes are all equipped on the main tower to make the layout of the endoscope room more reasonable, which is conducive to clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Flexible Endoscopic Pendant features:

- Flexible Endoscopic Pendant surface: electrostatic spraying, environmentally friendly powder material treatment, antibacterial, corrosion resistant and easy to clean;

- Structure and material: mold production, modular splicing, high-strength aluminum alloy with a circular arc design and beautiful appearance;

- Strictly Gas-Electricity separation ensures electrical safety.

- The loading tray is made of aluminum alloy 6063, which is integrally die-casted. The rounded anti-collision design has no assembly and no gaps.

Flexible Endoscopic Pendant Technical Data

Flexible Endoscopic Pendant Model


Function box


Joint rotation Angle


Rotating arm length


Net load of single rotating arm


Display suspension system rotation Angle


Display suspension system up and down


Load of Display hanger

≤13kg (18kg Optional)

Gas terminal

O2 *2; VAC*2; Air*1; CO2*1

Power socket

8 Sets (with equipotential grounding terminal)

Stainless steel basket

1 Pcs

Loading tray

4 Layers, (Load ≥80kg) Height adjustable

Double joint infusion rack

1 Set

Spring arm (Ondal) 1 Display hanger

2 Set

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