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Galbino Infection Control Division

As an independent technical team of Galbino, Galbino Infection Control Divison (GTI-IC) is committed to combining international design, quality standards, and China's cost advantages to provide users with cost-effective (high-quality, high-efficiency) integrated sterilization solutions. Our core business is to provide comprehensive solutions for the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD), including technical consultation, program design, equipment supply, training and maintenance, and assurance of consumables.

Why choose GTI - IC
Canadian design team: It is composed of an international team. The team's leading members have more than 8 years of design experience in the CSSD field and can deal with design and planning work in various scenarios.

Flexible equipment supply: GTI-IC and Galbino share a complete supplier system, providing flexible equipment combinations according to customer needs.

Best price/performance ratio: Relying on China's strong Sourcing team, we will give full play to the cost advantage of Chinese manufacturing to provide customers with the most cost-effective equipment combination solution. At the same time, a one-stop solution can solve the potential risks caused by the clutter of suppliers for customers.

International quality requirements (international quality standards): relying on China to establish a professional quality inspection team, carry out strict quality control of the supply chain, select products according to international standards, and ensure that the equipment can meet customer requirements.

Reference Case

Graphic Design for CSSD

-- Integrated Solution for Society CSSD

-- Integrated Solution for Hospital CSSD

Equipment Support for CSSD

-- Washer Disinfector

-- Sterilization Equipment

-- Medical Sealer

-- Sterilization Container

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